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El Quiubole Tacos

8311 Atlantic Ave.
Cudahy, CA 90201
Phone number (323) 560-9585

You'll have to forgive us for only including Mexican restaurants on our list of Party Bus Los Angeles recommendations in the Cudahy area, but that's what this vicinity is known for and we wanted to bring you a list of the best of the best! First up we have El Quiubole Tacos, a place that is well known for their tacos, and deservedly so! The carne asada tacos are an excellent choice but the one that we absolutely go wild for is the lengua! So rich and flavorful. Can't go wrong with the tacos al pastor either! The Mexican Coca Cola that is served here is just perfect along with your meal. The karaoke is an absolute blast and the service is too good. Love it here!

El Pollo Loco

7519 S Atlantic Ave
Cudahy, CA 90201
Phone number (323) 560-0758

El Pollo Loco of course means "crazy chicken," and you'd be crazy not to come down here and enjoy the delicious chicken that they serve! The prices are unbelievably low here and this one's in the fast food category but only in the best way possible. The one dollar tacos and taquitos are just great! You'll certainly want to note ahead of time that they only serve chicken here, hence the name, but you've got the option of the al carbon or the taquitos. Let's not forget to note that the chocolate malts are absolutely out of this world! And we just love the salsa bar here. We could go on and on about how great this place is for your Party Bus Los Angeles trips in Cudahy!

Tacos El Gavilan

4406 Florence Ave
Bell, CA 90201
Phone number (323) 771-1722

Another one that fits in the fast food category, but again only in the best ways possible, is Tacos El Gavilan. This one, like the previous mention, has a fabulous salsa bar and some of the freshest food in town. We're in love with the pinto beans that are available at the salsa bar. So tasty and good! The carne asada sopes as well as the burritos are two of our cherished menu items and we love to get horchata along with either one of those! The horchata even has free refills, talk about a serious bonus! There are TVs here for the sports lovers and headline watchers. Great for groups including your bigger Party Bus Los Angeles groups!

El Pescador

4108 Florence Ave
Bell, CA 90201
Phone number (323) 560-0490

El Pescador, El Pescador, El Pescador! We could just sing the praises of this place all day long. A definite Cudahy area gem that Party Bus Los Angeles customers rely on, the fact that this one's not just a restaurant but also a sports bar makes it even more of a party bus essential. They've got super affordable prices here and some of the best tasting food in town, and one of the things that really sets them apart is the plating. They put effort into the presentation here, and we appreciate that! The shrimp with hot sauce is a top recommendation and we love the molcajete as well. The shrimp tostadas are another that we wouldn't hesitate to recommend! Love it here!

La Barca

4955 Florence Ave
Bell, CA 90201
Phone number (323) 560-0225

One more sensational Mexican restaurant for the road! Or before we hit the road with you, shall we say! La Barca is another one that puts a lot of effort into presentation and everything is made from the highest quality ingredients, really setting this one apart from the rest. The service is excellent. We're obsessed with their grilled nopal and the birria is really great. The molcajete de camaron is probably our top recommendation here, but it's a tough call because every single thing on the menu is so good! They do not have a full bar here, but that's more or less the only downside we can even think of. Quite affordable and lots of room for Party Bus Los Angeles groups.

The establishments listed above are within quick driving distance of the Cudahy zip code(s) of 90201.

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