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5955 Melrose Avenue
East Los Angeles, CA 90038-3623
Phone number (323) 460-4170

Talk about elevating the standard for modern seafood restaurants. What you will find from your first experience here is award winning cuisine. And you will be happy to know that they only use wild-caught, sustainable products that add to their reputation of serving up only the finest quality. The ambiance is amazing, the food is spectacular and the service staff takes great pride in how each patron is treated.

Brent's Delicatessen & Restaurant

19565 Parthenia Street
East Los Angeles, CA 91324-3406
Phone number (818) 886-5679

When you visit a deli, don't you want the standards to be high. Well, you can count on that being the case when you visit this fine location. Their pastrami is phenomenal. But we will warn you about one thing, the portions that they bring to your table are made for sharing. If you show up and have to wait, hang in there because it is all going to be worth it. Trust us, there is nothing on the menu that is not awesome.

The Griddle Cafe

7916 W Sunset Blvd
East Los Angeles, CA 90046-3304
Phone number (323) 874-0377

When you take a seat at the Griddle Cafe, there is just something about the way this whole place operates that will keep you smiling. What is your pleasure? Hanburgers, tacos, breakfast fare, it is all here and everything is prepared to perfection. But out of everything that they offer, we definitely recommend their breakfast food. Check out the Yellow Brick Road pancakes which overflow the sides of the pancakes with caramel and nuts.

Water Grill

544 S Grand Avenue
East Los Angeles, CA 90071-2602
Phone number (213) 891-0900

When is the last time you have looked at a menu that you could truly call interesting? Well, get here soon and you will be able to. Not only is the food amazingly prepared, the atmosphere is fun and lively. Their seafood dishes offer tons of variety. The decor is absolutely beautiful and the wait staff is so well trained in the highest form of customer service. And best of all, you and your group are going to be able to relax for the evening.


704 S Alvarado Street
Los Angeles, CA 90057-4020
Phone number (213) 483-8050

This is one of those establishments where you need to become a regular. And there are so many good reasons to become one. The owner is always running around the place to make sure everyone is doing well. The sandwiches here are so tantalizing and your taste buds are going to be thanking you for a week after just one visit to this great location. Our suggestion is to take your time to pour over the menu and make the right choice, get ready to smile.

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