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Jake's Roadhouse

622 S. Myrtle Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016
Phone number (626) 599-9453

Join the family at this very special establishment. Everything that this place is about centers on family and that includes specializing in barbecue cuisine. The menu is full of breakfast, lunch and dinner options but the true start of the show is good old southern barbeque. Yes it is true you are given a bucket of peanuts and you can munch on those for awhile and even throw the shells on the floor but when you bite into one of their pork sandwiches, you will be entering the food coma zone. The decor is fabulous and very relaxing and the staff always bends over backwards to make sure that each patrom has the best time possible.

Bella Sera Trattoria

422 S Myrtle Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016-2812
Phone number (626) 359-1399

The mission here is simple: serve fresh and delicious Italian food in an atmosphere that is familiar, modern and comfortable. And we have to put this to rest right here and now. This is not just a place to go and eat, this is a dining experience. Yes, you will recognize some very familiar entrees but the key is the kitchen staff knows how to bring them to life like you have never seen before. In addition, there are some very inventive dishes that have been added to the menu by the staff that you are going to want to take a peek at and maybe sample. Get ready for awesome texture and flavor with a cold beer or a full-bodied glass of wine.

Peach Cafe

141 East Colorado Boulevard
Monrovia, CA 91016
Phone number (626) 599-9092

The owners of this quaint establishment wanted to continue tradition of the neighborhood cafe where everybody knows your name. The menu is based on simple comfort food and the staff here is not satisfied if the quality of everything isn't very high and if each and every patron isn't completely happy when they leave. The coffee served up here is absolutely outstanding and you are going to want to hang around for awhile just to enjoy a few refills. The wait staff here strikes the perfect tone with their mix of friendliness, attentiveness and efficiency. The atmnosphere is best described as casual and the open kitchen format is fun.

Noor's Indian Bistro

106 S Myrtle Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016-2845
Phone number (626) 932-0125

Everyone knows that Indian food is some of the tastiest there is. However, it needs to be prepared correctly for it to be the best it can be. And one thing that we can assure you is that the staff at this fine establishment make all of the necessary preparations in order to serve up the best Indian entrees possible. All of the menu items are prepared from scratch and with the freshest ingredients. As you sit in their beautiful dining room, you will realize that you are experiencing elegant dining at its very finest. It won't take long for you to see why this place is extremely popular and because it is always packed, we suggest reservations.

Sena Taco

490 S Myrtle Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016
Phone number (626) 999-1234

Whether you visit this place for food or not, you are going to want to come often for happy hour to partake in some drinks and appetizers. But that doesn't mean that eating here is not a treat because it certainly is. You really can't go wrong with their Shrimp Tostada, Nachos or Carnita Tacos. There is a small bar up front where you can pretty much order anything you might have in mind and have it handed to you very well crafted. The prices are going to shock you as they are reasonable. We have to mention the green vinegar lime salsa, it is always super fresh and it will enhance the taste of anything that you happen to order.

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