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Casa Gamino

8330 Alondra Blvd
Paramount, CA 90723
Phone number (562) 634-6225

Everyone knows a Mexican Restaurant or two but believe us when we tell you that you are not going to find a Mexican restaurant that is of a higher quality than this establishment. The Mexican cuisine that comes out of the kitchen here is going to blow you out of the water. There are several signature dishes produced here that you will want to put on your list including Enchiladas Divorciadas, Shrimp Molcajete, Camarones a la Diabla and filete a la plancha. The food is not only tasty but the atmosphere is exceptional. You will feel like you are in a fine dining establishment and that you are the special guest of royalty.

Restaurant El Sinaloense

15503 Paramount Blvd
Paramount, CA 90723
Phone number (562) 529-5120

Trying to come up with a word to describe how fantastic the food is at this wonderful location is difficult but we are going to try. One thing is certain, everything that comes out of the kitchen at this amazing establishment tastes like it is homemade. And the reason for that is that only fresh ingredients are used, nothing you will ever have served to you here has been frozen or reheated. So, if you are a huge fan of Mexican cuisine, you need to check out this location as soon as possible because the owners and the staff knows how to do things right. And there is one more thing that you are going to love, the prices are reasonable.

Tam's Burgers

8454 Alondra Blvd
Paramount, CA 90723-4406
Phone number (562) 630-8267

It may be in the name, but we promise you this establishment is about a lot more than just burgers. For instance, you are not going to find a Pastrami sandwich anywhere that holds a candle to the one you will be served here. Talk about fresh and tasty. And keep in mind that the portions are absolutely huge so you should plan on coming with a huge appetite to match or you will be going home with some leftovers. Either way, you win. For a very special side, we suggest that you order the onion rings. They are huge and will keep ypu smiling throughout your experience. This place may be fast, but that doesn't mean it isn't quality.

Alondra Hot Wings

7906 Alondra Blvd
Paramount, CA 90723
Phone number (562) 531-4200

Get ready to feel your comfort level rise when you experience what this amazing establishment has to offer. The food including their signature wings, variety of sandwiches and pizza are all prepared to prefection and the taste will make you want to order more than you should. The decor is relaxing and the cheese bread is something that you do not want to miss. But there is more to this place than wings, you will definitely want to check out their Pasta Miranara. For an appetizer, order the cheese ball which is unbelieveable. Of course, you are probably wondering about the prices and let's just say, you are going to be pleased.

Thai Curry

15120 Paramount Blvd
Paramount, CA 90723-4337
Phone number (562) 531-0059

Authentic in every way, for fans of Thai food, the ingredients are super fresh and you do not want to miss this amazing opportunity. So, what we suggest is that you prepare your taste buds to be tickled beyond measure. The variety that you will see on the menu is perfect for kids and adults alike. What you are going to find here is such an incredible dining experience and so much variety that you need to start planning many trips to this location so you can try out every dish they have to offer. Get ready to immerse yourself in a Thai experience which includes some top notch customer service that will leave you feeling great.

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