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Sanamluang Cafe

1648 Indian Hill Blvd
Pomona, CA 91767-3728
Phone number (909) 621-0904

Any and all Thai food fanatics need to find this place, and stat! And if somehow you have never tried any sort of Thai food, then this is also an amazing venue to have your first experience with this kind of cuisine. This is a great place for those that are hungry because your food will be delivered to the table very quickly. The menu is huge and you will have very knowledgeable servers that can explain anything that you see or might be interested in. All of their chicken based menu items are unbelieveable and the soy sauce they they offer is the perfect topping. Expect to take home some leftovers and that is a very good thing.

Los Jarritos Restaurant

3191 N Garey Avenue
Pomona, CA 91767
Phone number (909) 593-7012

Consistency is the name of the game at this very special eating establishment. You need to start your experience off with some of the best Menudo you will find anywhere. The fact that this venue is located in an unassuming strip mall should not stop you from visiting in the least. Everything that comes out of the kitchen is delicious and authentic. You have to try one of their burritos, they are huge and hasve a tastiness which will knock you out. Also, you are going to fall in love with this place because of the prices which are very reasonable. And if you need beer and wine to wash your meal down, they have that too.

Coco Palm

1600 Fairplex Drive
Pomona, CA 91768-1237
Phone number (909) 469-1965

You may have never had Cuban cuisine before, but whether you have or haven't, this is the place to partake in Cuban cuisine that is absolutely top notch. The atmosphere is classy in every way including the patrons who frequent here. And the views of the surrounding area are absolutely incredible especially on a clear night. And the decor is all encompassing and will put you in a very special mood as you look around and see you are surrounded by Palm trees and you hear some fabulous Latin music. Every bite that you place in your mouth will have you moaning in ecstasy and as an added bonus there is a full service bar.

Pomona Valley Mining Co.

1777 Gillette Road
Pomona, CA 91768-1246
Phone number (909) 623-3515

Sometimes you just need to visit some place different and this venue certainly provides the cure for that need. There is a rustic character to this wonderful establishment and the view from the hill is out of this world. In terms of the food, we have to recommend the ribs because they are incredibly tender and tasty. Oh and did we mention how meaty they are. Also, the scallops are very good especially in the light butter scampi sauce they serve it in. The cooks truly know what they are doing as everything that comes out of the kitchen is cooked to perfection. Make sure you visit this location with an appetite.

McKinley's Grille

601 W. McKinley Avenue
Pomona, CA 91768
Phone number (909) 868-5915

What you will find when you dine at this restaurant is some of the finest cuisine in the entire country. The menu is full of super fresh offerings because all of the produce used here is grown on-site. The poultry and fish has a very special taste because it comes from being corn-fed. To take everything to the next level, you will also find a very diverse wine list. Another benefit to visiting this fine place is how healthy all of the food choices are. Believe us, you will walk out of here feeling good about yourself. One other dish we have to mention is the fish tacos, not only are they tasty, they are extremely filling.

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