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Happy Harbor Restaurant

1015 Nogales St Suite 126
Rowland Heights, CA 91748-1311
Phone number (626) 965-2020

The taste and quality and presentation of the food here is job one. The dining area is one large open space which means that you will not have a problem finding a special spot. The ambiance is exceptional and it won't take you long to relax and enjoy your experience. We highly recommend the crab and fish maw soup and the lobster sauntered with ginger and green onion. Don't be shocked when you see the waiters wearing a suit and tie which gives a very classy aura to this establishment. We also urge you not to pass on the amazing tea of which there are four choices. The staff sets the bar very high here which is a good thing.

Casa Alvarez

19744 Colima Road
Rowland Heights, CA 91748-3210
Phone number (909) 594-6463

Your experience here is going to start off on the perfect note when your server brings you limitless chips with Pico de gallo. But you will want to make sure and check yourself a bit as you do not want to be too full when your entree comes. In terms of entrees, you are going to se most of the usual suspects on the menu and they are all very good but we suggest you order either the fish tacos, carnitas, wet burrito or their enchiladas. We dare you to show up at this fine establishment and talk to any of the patrons that walk out and what you will hear over and over again are rave reviews. You will not be disappointed.

Tokyo Shabu Shabu

1330 South Fullerton Road, #108
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
Phone number (626) 810-6037

One bite of anything at this wonderful establishment and you will quickly realize that you are consuming some of the healthiest fare that you will find anywhere. One of the real treats that you will experience at this location is the way that the staff treats you. When you visit more than once, they will actually remember you. Compared to similar places, you will receive a very large portion of meat and the sauces are amazing. Keep in mind you are the chef at this venue so however you like your meat cooked just make sure you mention it and you will find it arriving at your table cooked to perfection.

Restaurant Kamon

17855 Colima Road
Rowland Heights, CA 91748-1729
Phone number (626) 965-5895

Authentic Japanese everything will keep drawing you in again and again. This is the best sushi spot in the area bar none. The fish choices are always fresh and absolutely delicious. For a really special experience, sir down at the bar and have some saki while you are waiting for your sashimi. As you sit, you will find a smile coming onto your face. And believe it or not they actually have some delicious non-sushi items here including baked stuffed jalapenos, scallops and mushrooms, steamed clams, beef teriyaki, chicken skewers and Kamon chicken. But what you are going to love about this place is it is also a fun time.

The Boiling Crab

18902 Gale Avenue
Rowland Heights, CA 91748-1333
Phone number (626) 964-9300

This is one of those very unique locations that is going to astound you when you see all of the crab options they list on the menu. Their signature dish is the steamed crab but they also offer some other seafood related items just in case like calamari, fried chicken, and fried oyster. The prices are amazingly reasonable considering what you are consuming and the service staff are very attentive and patient with you when you have questions. Now, there is another issue that we have to tell you about just so you are prepared. The way your food will be served to you is different in that it comes in a plastic bag and you eat with your hands.

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