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320 S Arroyo Pkwy
Pasadena, CA 91105-2516
Phone number (626) 577-6001

One step inside of this fine dining establishment and your senses are going to have a lot of fun trying to drink in all of the phenomenal setting and atmosphere. The cuisine is simply fabulous in every way and you will find yourself savoring every single bite. There is an unrelenting commitment at this venue to do things really well. The bar is set very high and this place hits the mark every time. The variety is very good including succulent dishes of fish, steak and pasta and all cooked to absolute perfection. The ribs actually fall off of the bone. And the servers are all incredibly pleasant and attentive your needs.

La Grande Orange Cafe

260 S Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105-2014
Phone number (626) 356-4444

Housed in the train station, the setting here is very unique and the food is even better. The goal of the kitchen staff is to take classic dishes and give them a modern twist. If you are looking for something a bit off of the beaten path, we suggest that you check out their deviled eggs. Also, the Crab Cake sandwich is amazing in terms of taste and texture. The staff will pay very close attention to you and amazingly, the chef walks around and you can ask about the recipes or techniques used in the kitchen. If weather permits, tell the hostess you would like to sit outside which is very relaxing. A special place you need to visit.


30 N Fair Oaks Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103-3609
Phone number (626) 578-1404

You can go to this downhome location for any meal of the day but if your eally want something special, we suggest that you decide right now to check out the best breakfast in Pasadena. The number of breakfast choices on the menu are truly astounding. And everything that arrives at your table will be cooked to perfection but even more importantly everything tastes amazing. The waitstaff knows the place like the back of their hands and will be able to answer any questions you might have. Trust us, you won't see the bottom of your glass or mug. Feel free to try the other meals as well, but you can't beat the breakfast.

Green Street Restaurant

146 Shoppers Lane
Pasadena, CA 91101-2618
Phone number (626) 577-7170

Maybe you are a meat and potatoes kind of person, but if you have always craved more than the norm then this establishment is the place for you. The name of the game at this location is innovative, deliciously flavorful Calfornia cuisine. Yes, this is a place where you can relax and just enjoy every moment of your experience. How does Ginger Flank Steak sound? We are talking about certified angus beef rubbed with ginger and garlic marinade and then charbroiled. Believe us, it is extremely tasty. And the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. You will never be disappointed at this well run establishment.

Luggage Room Pizzeria

260 S. Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105
Phone number (626) 356-4440

They have something at this exceptional facility that makes all of the difference. A wood burning oven and the use of olive wood produces extra flavor. Add to that the fact that all of the ingredients used here are carefully chosen from the farmer's market and the best sources in the area. One thing is certain, when you visit a place that was voted as having the best pizza locally, you are in for an experience that is going to be very special. We want to give you fair warning, this place is almost always packed which means that you need to be prepared to possibly wait. But you should wait in anticipation of something amazing.

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